Sunday, 22 February 2009

A day at the museum

I had always thought to myself after my recent trip to come we act differently while we are on vacation? I mean, the sight of someone working in a padi field attracts our attention in Bali, where as back home, you could see a similar sight in Kedah but wouldn't even bat an eyelid. Why is this? Have you ever wondered why?

Thus, I have decided to go on a journey (time permitting) to explore what we have back home. Most importantly, I am on a quest to get my kids involved, so that hopefully they grow up to be more cultured individuals. Thus my first 'project' was a trip to Muzium Negara. When I suggested to my kids, surprise, surprise, they were thrilled about it.

So plans were put in motion, and soon 2 adults and 3 kids were busy admiring the many exhibits. It took us nearly half a day but it was time well spent. At the end of the day, the kids began to understand the sacrifices made by the older generation to achieve what we have today. Instead of the usual shopping malls and PlayStation games, its good to expose them to something closer to their roots once in a while or else they might end up as soulless people of the future. So here are the pictures in case you are wondering...

The kids in action....

Friday, 20 February 2009

A nostalgic flashback?

Having written about my fish and how it was a companion throughout my pre and post divorce times, it brought back some memories of those times. Ask anyone who has gone through it, it's not very pleasant....especially if you are the one that gets dumped...haha. Another constant companion was my mp3 player. Believe or not folks, my favorite song was 'Menghitung Hari" by Kris Dayanti. Why you may ask? Listen to the lyrics, then you would understand. Lame ain't it?

As I was listening to some of the more 'latest' music, I was attracted to this song by Dygta, titled 'Kesepian'. Man, if I were to go through a divorce or breakup now, I would have chosen this song as my 'official breakup' song. Why you may ask? I have pasted the lyrics....

kurindu disayangi, sepenuh hati
sedalam cintaku, setulus hatiku

kuingin memiliki, kekasih hati
tanpa air mata, tanpa kesalahan

* bukan cinta yang melukai diriku
dan meninggalkan hidupku lagi

tolonglah aku, dari kehampaan ini
selamatkan cintaku, dari hancurnya hatiku
hempaskan kesendirian, yang tak pernah berakhir

bebaskan aku, dari keadaan ini
sempurnakan hidupku, dari rapuhnya jiwaku
adakah seseorang yang melepaskanku
dari kesepian ini

back to *

This goes to show that even though I dive looking for dead bodies or rush mangled, bloodied accident victims in an ambulance, deep down inside I am still a human...with a heart. Cewah!

To all those who got left behind, I dedicate this song to you

Friday, 13 February 2009

Aku seekor ikan arowana

Kalo yang ini kalau di aquarium memperlihatkan kesombongan dan keangkuhan kerana tau tubuhnya indah, langkahnya lemah gemalai dan memancing mata.. nakal melihatnya di manapun dia bergaya.....
So pasti harganya mahal kalau ingin memilikinya....
, CELEBRITY or keatas........

Hahaha...the above is a description...if a girl is a fish, what type of fish would she be. There were quite a few, but I just chose this one, Arowana. Having reared one a few years back, I am a bit qualified to comment...let's look at this fish...

This fish is a beauty and true as mentioned, very arrogant. This is one fish that wouldn't bow its head even to look for food at the bottom of the aquarium. Instead it chose to keep its nose high and at the same time strain its eyes as hard as it could to look for food at the bottom. Which is why this fish is also prone to having either one or both eyes popping out from its socket. All in the name of arrogance of its beauty. Wow. After this happens, then the beauty that it is so proud of is no longer there.

Pity the fish because it doesn't realized that the attention it is attracting is superficial. People look not out of sincerity, but just the lust for its beauty. After they are done, they'll leave and at the end of the day, the arrogant Arowana leads a lonely depressing life as a loner. Ironically, the Arowana, crazy about getting all the attention, feels contented, and blinded by arrogance and ignorance, continue to worship these people and wait for the next time when they come to ogle at her again.

I used to look at mine, admiring it as well as feeling pity. It was so arrogant, but demand your attention. Try ignoring it, and soon it'll be trashing about in its aquarium, complaining. It was my companion during the trying times of my divorce. Earlier on, I tried introducing another Arowana to keep it company as its soul mate, but it was too arrogant and continuously harassed the other fish until it died. That fish was the only one who would genuinely feel for it, from one Arowana to another, but no, my Arowana chose the superficial humans instead.

I take pity on the beautiful Arowana, as because of its arrogance and ignorance, it leads a very lonely life in the aquarium, pacing to and fro while waiting for people to come and ogle at her beauty.

Bali Revisited....Part 3 (Final)

Well this is the last of the picturesque Bali. We hope you have enjoyed what we have shared with you here. We were just discussing the other day, why people take pictures of almost everything, even chicken, while on a holiday whereas they wont bat an eyelid if they saw one back home. Hahaha... something to ponder.

This time, its the different places and faces of Bali.





Thursday, 12 February 2009

Mr Matty King

I was sitting there at my table, reflecting about my life, when I saw my friend, Mr Matty King, from Australia, appearing on-line yesterday. Its been a long time since I last chatted with him. The first time I met Matty was during my IDC course (Instructor Development Course) a.k.a. PADI's scuba instructor's exam. I spent nearly 3 weeks with this guy on Perhentian island. Studying, diving, eating etc. Well the course and exams were like 2 weeks, the rest we just laze about doing nothing but diving.

When it was time to head back to KL, we took the same bus. It was the first time I had ever used a RM3k (after conversion from AUD1k) sleeping bag. We used his sleeping bag as the air conditioning on the bus was too cold. I remembered so clearly, I was amazed by it. Its rated for sleeping in minus 30 degrees and yet I didn't feel 'hot' like the normal ones I had used before. Its warm and very comfy.

I met him again when he stopped by here with his girlfriend en route to China. They were spending sometime in China, working as English teachers there. Every year during winter, they spend their time traveling.

For this year, Matty has come up with a plan...Motorbike trip from Singapore to China...him, Serena (wife) and Tristan (bro-in law). He asked me to tag along. I asked him how long you plan to be away? 7 months came the reply. Like wow...that's long dude. So in the end, I told him I'll tag along for the Malaysian part of his tour..roughly about 7 days on my trusty motorbike. Details are sketchy at this moment, but tentatively it starts on 28th April 2009. I am actually looking forward to it. I wish it's tomorrow.

Nothing but the open road . Maybe that's what I re-charge my internal spirit.

P/S: Any bikers interested to join us?

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Is privacy a passport to everything?

A friend just confided in me that his GF is sharing their intimate secrets with her ex BFs. My friend was very disturbed about all these. I asked him how he got to know...from chat transcripts sent by someone from a particular agency.

His suspicions came about when she 'secretly' added one of her ex BF into her FB. The fact that she did it 'secretly' shows that she knows that its politically incorrect. But when my friend told her his displeasure, she didn't delete the dude. So that's how he asked someone to do a check. What came back was a surprise for him indeed.

His GF was always accusing him of having sordid sex chats with girls, or having secret rendezvous, or what ever she fantasizes could be happening behind her back. He was very accommodating coz he says "its a sign that she loves me". True...maybe. But when its evident that she chats about their intimate stuff...well...cakap tak serupa bikin ni. Wasn't there a famous line that goes something like "do onto others what you want others to do onto you"?

He told me that the GF was mad coz to her its an invasion of privacy between her and her friends. she for real? I think she's just mad coz she didn't have an answer. My 2 cents on this...
  • What about the privacy between her and the BF? I think a relationship is a special bond between TWO people, and not to be shared with ANYONE. What about his rights? Doesn't he have a say if you want to share the intimate secrets between the both of you with your ex BFs?
  • Invasion of privacy between her and her friends? So where does the BF stands? Outside the private circle? Hello...your soul mate should be the one closes, in the inner most circle, not treated like an accessory item. Kalau ada jodoh, you are gonna get married to him for god's sake.
  • She was so engross about how she and her friends feels that she puts her BF's feelings last. It was always her and her friends first. If I were her, I would have deleted that dude as a friend if I know that it bugs my soul mate. No questions asked.
  • That dude even had the nerve to suggest to be her part time lover a few months back even after knowing she is going out with my friend. Doesn't that tell you anything girl? That dude is bad news and you are taking his side over my friend?
  • These people give advice la, saying things like maybe my friend is not serious, taking her for a ride, don't want to see her get hurt and taken advantage of etc etc. Hey dudes, the fact that you all are her ex BFs means that you guys are describing yourselves. And the fact that you guys f**k around while being married further loath me. At least my friend has the intention of actually marrying her. Funny thing is, she actually listens and discuss with you people? How stupid can you be girl?
  • Privacy? Yes, as long as you don't do stuff behind your partner's back la. Sometimes people abuse and hide behind this word, as if its a passport to do what ever you like. You are still bound by the common rules of wishful thinking. I am sure, if the tables were turned, she would have gone bonkers.
So now my friend tells me that the GF wants to break off with him coz he invaded her privacy. Haha. Is she for real? Bloody arrogant if you ask me. You drew first blood girl. You expected him to behave nice and proper for you, but you on the other hand, is free to do what ever you please? Is that how relationships should be? Ask yourself...can you take it if it was the other way round?

My friend really like the GF and did everything for her, and was also seriously thinking of settling down by this year. Too bad the GF is too bloody arrogant to admit her mistakes but instead chose to blame my friend for everything. She says that its my friend who actually doesn't want to be with her by finding excuses. Its so easy ain't it to chicken out of a relationship by blaming someone else. Time to look in the mirror girl!

Keep your chin up my friend.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Operasi SAR Kg Kemansah

Last Saturday, I received a call from Gerakan to report duty for "Operasi Orang Sesat". This time it was at Kg Kemansah area, Hulu Kelang. The victim was a 26+ old woman. I had prior arrangements and only picked up my gears at home and rushed to the scene around midnight. It was a joint operation between police, JPAM (Civil Defence), 4WD members and the villagers. There was also the Police Air Wing and the K9 unit. There were 35 members from JPAM.

Teams were sent into the jungle at 2am. "tempat ni memang keras" said one of the local villagers. Hmmm...I was telling myself "now how does that bit of information useful to calm the nerves of the search party?". I felt like saying "abang ni boleh diam tak?" but I knew that it was wishful thinking on his part.

JPAM's heavy rescue vehicle with communication tower

The guys were poking fun at me. You see I bought myself an Aitor Jungle King 2 survival knife...been eying for one...resisted but succumbed to the temptation. However, during operations, I am always there at the PKTK (Pos Kawalan Tempat Kejadian), helping the Ops Officer organize the running of the whole ops.

Another factor is I have knee problem because of my old 'rempit' days. I was riding at 80+ km/h when I hit another motorcyclist, went flying, landed on my knee and my motorcycle used my legs as a landing spot. Next day, it was swollen like really bad. Until now, its not that good for climbing high places.

I didnt sleep at all right up to the next morning, communicating with the various search parties via radio and coordinating with the other agencies. At 1000hrs, I got my chance to silence the guys once and for all. I was instructed to go in with a party of 5 to check out a specific area. The name of the place? Air Terjun Sofea Jane. I was like saying "wow sedapnye nama". They named it after the said actress shot a movie scene there.

the police K9 unit

We teamed up with the police K9 unit...which comprises of the K9 itself, a handler and a helper. Man, that K9 was a big one. Since I was walking flank, the K9 was right behind me. Luckily it was a well trained dog. I am sure my 'well developed' calf muscles smells like KFC to him..haha. As we were trekking uphill, I could hear the dog's breathing getting louder and a locomotive. Looking back, I asked the corporal "Kopral, anjing you ni ok ke? Macam nak kena sakit jantung je" (Translated: Corporal, is you dog ok? sounds like he's having a heart attack soon). The answer..."Dia penat sangat ni. Silap2 boleh mati ni. Kita berhenti kasi dia rehat dulu la, boleh tak?" (Translated: He is very tired. He could even die. We stop to let him rest a bit). The helper took out its bowl and pour water for it to drink. I find that very amusing. Thanks to the dog, people like me could also rest without looking 'out of shape"...hahaha.

the "air terjun Sofea Jane"

When we arrived at the place, it was beautiful. I went down to the bottom of the waterfall and recite some prayers including azan (supposedly to 'free' the victim IF she was 'trapped' by evil spirits). Suddenly...a strong, sweet smelling aroma...and the hairs on my neck stood up. I looked up and I was all alone. Unknown to me, the rest of the guys had gone over the other side, thinking that I needed some 'privacy'. Hmmm...what to do now? Well you asked for it Kaz, so now you face it like a man. Hoya! In the midst of this tense silence... except for the sound of the waterfall... my heart was a very erie feeling...suddenly....jeng! jeng!... suddenly the radio crackles and I almost jumped out of my skin in fright. "Semua tim penyelamat. mangsa telah ditemui. lapur balik ke PKTK. over" Haha...I bet you Rambo never had any of these Kodak moments.

the crowd including concerned relatives and friends

To cut the story short, the damsel in distress was rescued. Based on what has happened to her, the moral of the story:-

- Never be over confident and enter the jungle alone
- Always respect the jungle and its habitants
- Respect the guardian. If the guard advice you to not enter, dont go and hurl abusive words.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

My First Wedding Job

Huhu, who would have wedding photography? Well....I did that twice before, once as a favour (so that doesnt count as 'official') and the other was to bail out a friend who had to leave early while on the job (so that doesnt count as 'official' too). Guess that makes this one 'THE ONE' (official that is).

Understandably I was nervous. Why? I am not sure really. I think it may be because I dont know whether my 'taste' appeals to the bride & groom. After all, photography is a form of art and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Well I guess the groom's family had seen my work (my 2nd 'unofficial' job was during the eldest sister's wedding) or maybe they were just doing me a favor.

I couldnt sleep that night. At 2am I was still busy cleaning lenses and charging batteries. Just like a small kid with his 'new' toy. At last, I managed to put in about 3 hours of sleep. Borrowing Catz's favourite expression..."crazy"...haha.

The groom is the son of Dato' Sham & Datin Saadiah, fondly called Ijan (not sure of his full name though). The bride and groom had insisted there will be no 'bersanding' ceremony on either side, so it makes it more challenging for me to get good shots.

I would like to share with you this unique wedding reception on the groom's side. Why unique? It was a BBQ reception, with stalls serving BBQ stuff, beriyani, char kueh teow, sotong kangkung, tauhu bakar, ice kacang etc etc.

The groom's reception

The families

The groom's family

The bride's family

To the bride and groom, I wish them "Semoga bahagia ke anak cucu. Amin"
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