Sunday, 25 January 2009

Another new year...2009 last, a new year is here...2009. Again, I have made another vow for 2009, that is to update my blog at least once a month. I hope I can stick to it after failing in 2008. Some of my friends had given up on me and my blog.

Again, let's re-cap what has happened in 2008...with regards to my life that is...

2008 was the year when I got to meet my ex-schoolmates, thanks to Facebook. One particular person was Shariman Samad, my best friend way back in 1976-1981.

2008 also saw the numerous certification of divers at different water right up to divemaster. To all of them, I would like to congratulate them again.

2008 was also the year my 4wd 'anak gajah' got stolen, right in front of my house and directly under the street light. Fortunately it was stolen for a couple of hours, having recovered it abandoned by the highway. Of course, they took everything there was to, walkie talkie, siren, strobe trauma bag, dive gear. Saddest part was, as I had lost my trauma bag, I could do little when I came across accidents. Until now, I am still replacing those things that I had lost bit by bit.

2008 was also a year where a few friends had some major changes in their life i.e. marriage and newborn. Well to all of them, I wish them success.

2008 was also a year that I was involved in the numerous rescue operations. The most 'memorable' ones were all near to the Hari Raya celebrations. The 3 boys drowning was a few days from Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and the Bukit Antarabangsa land slide was a few days from Hari Raya Korban. Coincidence or what? Believe or not....

Well...since I was not an avid blogger, what I had jotted down here is only a fraction of what has transpired in 2008. Let's hope the new year brings positive changes and good luck to everyone... and that this time around, I can actually achieve what I set out to do each year..that is to blog my life actively.

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