Friday, 7 January 2011

New Year Resolutions

2010 headaches...hehe

Aahhhh the new year is here. Year by year, I always have "to blog a minimum of once a month" as part of my new year's resolution. Last year, I almost achieve it, except for January & March.

A few things occurred in 2010, but one major event outweighs the rest. 2010 shall  always remain in the hallmarks of my life autobiography (should I become famous one day..hehe) as the year I re-married again after almost 5 years being the President of Persatuan Duda Semalaysia (I wonder if there is such a society). The event left a few girls crying...and I heard through the grapevine that there was a guy too...huhuhu. Adapting to married life again took some practice, and the 'bad habits' that we picked up in our previous marriages added some spices to the occasional disagreements. I am happy to report that we had overcame this teething problem.

2010 was also a year I got problems with Proton Edar service centres. It surprised me as to how such a big company that always saying how safe their cars are and how good their service is, does not have a customer complain tracking system in place. My experience gave me the impression that Proton Edar is only 'nice & sweet' when they want you to sign that S&P agreement. Once they have gained profit, then they start to f**k you in after sales service. NOTE: you CAN request what things you want to change & what you do not want to when you send your car in for periodic servicing at these service centres. If you dont ask, then they would change things to the maximum number of items.

2010 was also the year that I re-kindled my involvement in 4WD activities. Having my 'anak gajah' stuck in mud on the way to Damai paved the way to 'enhance' further my 4WD. To be fair, it was a bad track and I did managed to winch for 7 times almost until the batteries died on me. But men being men, we always find reasons to buy or upgrade our Big Boys Toys....same as women who always find reasons to shop for clothes, handbags, furniture etc etc. For the ladies, if your husband or boyfriend spend a little bit of money or time on his Big Boys Toys, just smile and thank your lucky star that he is concentrating solely on his toys, rather than another woman (I hope my wife reads this...hahaha).

The closing of 2010 was closed with a bang when I suddenly decided to quit my job for reasons that's best left for the court of the All Mighty in the After Life. It was not an easy decision, but after numerous prayers to seek guidance, one day I just woke up and decided to leave the company.

Though much more could be said about 2010, I am more incline to think or rather plan for 2011. Among the resolutions for 2011:
  • To blog for a minimum once a month
  • To achieve a slightly more than acceptable degree of creature comfort
  • To be financially stable to provide better life for my dependants (to buy more Big Boys Toys...hehe)
  • To certify more people in scuba diving & take them to see the u/water world
Of course there's the standard resolution of being a better person, a better son, a better husband, a better dad... in other words a better human being. I am learning much from my wife about myself, coz she's like that talking mirror in Snow White...she tells me how a third party sees me.
Last but not least, I find that people nowadays are too busy planning for the future, or dwelling in their past, that they sometimes forget to live NOW. To everyone, Happy New Year from the both of us.
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