Thursday, 6 December 2012

Why no updates

It has been a while since I last wrote in this blog. There are a few reasons to this. 

The main reason was, I was asked by a few media friends to setup a new blog, in the local language, dedicated to the world of scuba diving. The website, which simply means diving teacher in the Malay language, is targeted to be an educative and informative website.

After a few months of writing over there, I find that I missed expressing myself here. I write in English more expressively than in Malay. That is why when I curse people, I curse in English...hehe.

Therefore, I will find time in my 'busy' life to try and update this blog as well. For my dedicated readers, thank you for your kind understanding.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Arowana - Harvesting the babies

A few days back, I paid a visit to our Arowana pond somewhere in Bukit Merah. As luck would have it, one of fish had babies. Thus I would like to share how the harvesting process was done. Only the male Arowana carries the eggs until they hatch. Then the babies are kept in the mouth still, for approximately 2 months, just about the time their egg yolk sac diminishes and they had to start eating thru the mouth.

The farm area is a Strictly Restricted Area

Harvest is every 55 days

The farm was bustling with activities

Our pond

The Preparation

2 workers were in the pond, one on each side

The worker ensures that there was no gaps between the sides of the pond with the net
A large net was dragged from end to end

The net was hiked up coz the arowanas are able to 'jump' out of the water at a considerable height

The Harvesting

The dude spotted a 'suspicious' looking Arowana

He gets it into the 'quarantine' net

Here he is feeling the underside of the mouth to check whether there are any babies in the mouth

The 'quarantine' net was replaced with a bigger net

Since the Arowana is an energetic fish, the only non-drug based inducement to 'tranqualize' the fish was by spinning it around until it gets dizzy...very basic...hehe 

The fish was coaxed to open its mouth

Suddenly out comes the babies

And more babies...

Final check to see if there are anymore inside

The babies were quite mature...approximately 2 months old as there were no egg yolk sac left

The babies collected in a plastic bag...

...and immediately sent to the Nursery

The Nursery
The nursery...very hygienic place
The latest addition to the family...

...and his siblings

... and his elder brothers and sisters from the previous harvest

Strike a whore like its owner :)

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