Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Good bye 2007

Wahh….its been a long time since I had posted anything here in my blog. The last entry was April 2007. I missed out on this whole blogging concept. I was procrastinating every time I came back from a trip or operations. By the time I planned to start blogging, it was time for another trip or operations. This was also true when something major occurs in my life.

Well, this year, I made a vow, though not a strong one, but a vow nevertheless, to at least blog once a month.

Lets summarize 2007….

2007 has held a few significant changes in my life. I have backed out from a biz venture, one that was started based on my ideas and my dreams. I planned it for 2 years and invited 1 good friend on board. Then we decided to invite another ‘friend’ (at that point of time) because we don’t want him to ‘kecik hati’. I was running it FOC for almost 3 years as Operations Chief.

Huh…at first I had remained quiet…handed over the running of the shop and just kept quiet. I minded my own biz but guess what? Taking the shop was insufficient for these people. They had to bitch me also. They started to be bolt and wrote some stuff about me on their blog. Then I guess that’s not good enough and they decided…hei! Why don’t we write it on the company’s website…which they did. Now I am contemplating to sue their asses off but since they don’t worth s**t, I couldn’t be bothered.

This is typical example of a malay proverb “kacang lupakan kulit”. Even another malay proverb “kera dapat bunga” could also be used to describe these people. But you know what? God is GREAT…I don’t feel a thing. In fact, I just laughed…honest truth…I just laughed. “Ibarat membuka pekung di dada”…another great malay proverb. Its pity when you have eyes but you can’t see, you have a heart but you can’t judge (ada mata tak boleh melihat, ada hati tak boleh menilai).

I sure wish that they would grow up. Even though they are old, but they are not a penny wiser. Legally I still have a share in that company. I haven’t seen any biz financial report. I haven’t signed any legal documents for some of the transactions they had made. Maybe its time I get ‘someone’ to have a look. Maybe that will shut them up.

2007 was also the year when I finally bought my own 4 wheel drive. It’s not new, but I had modified it and now I call it ‘anak gajah’ simply because it is built like one. It’s my life long dream to own one. This year I decided before I die, I have to get one. You see, I love the outdoors, be it the forest or the sea. It’s where one goes to be part of nature, to look and admire the beautiful creation of the Al Mighty. Then we can reach into our inner soul and discover who we really are. Then we can laugh off the stupidity and the arrogance of other people who try their might to hurt us.

Mind you, I am not pious, I don’t go around telling people “I nak gi solat jap” or asking people “you dah solat dah?”. To me, the relationship between us and our creator is so sacred, pure and intimate that no one should know. Why should they? I know people who may look ‘modern’ but they are way better in terms of ethics and morals.

2007 was also the year I was directly involved in some major operations. One of the infamous one was Ops Nuri, the ill fated helicopter that crashed off Genting Sempah. What I saw was a very big group of people, from various backgrounds, converging to help out. We (JPAM-Malaysian Civil Defence Force), a total strength of 138 was there at Institut Aminuddin Baki under the command of Maj Gen Dato’ Soheimi, Panglima 4 Div. Combined with the Malaysian Armed Forces, there were more than 1000 in strength. Every unit was represented, the PASKAU, PASKAL, Green Berets, Para…even the combat sniffer dogs were there. The spirit of our Armed Forces that I admire is the Esprit de Corp. They look after one another….AND…they never leave anyone behind. The JPAM guys were there side by side. Ops went on for 24/7, day or night, rain or shine.

2007 was also the year where I went diving overseas the most. I was there in Hin Daeng (Thailand) twice, Similan (Thailand), Tulamben Bali (Indonesia), Lembeh Manado (Indonesia) just to name a few apart from the various local dive destinations. What amazes me is the level of awareness about tourism among the population. Almost everyone has the mentality to be helpful and courteous to the tourist. Their roads may not be the widest in Asia, some as big as our kampong roads and their buildings definitely not modern looking, but their logistics is surprisingly efficient. Maybe we can learn from them as to how they inculcate these values among the people.

2007 was also the year that I started to loose friends. No…it wasn’t due to quarreling or misunderstanding. Loose meaning they got transferred to another state, continued their education locally and overseas, got married, have kids etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for them and we still do keep in touch. Its just things are and shall never be the same. No more wacky, crazy running around the country or even overseas with our heavy dive bags with an impromptu scheduling.

I won’t mention their names here, but I guess if they are reading this, then they’ll know who they are. I just want to say thank you for those good times and I shall always treasure those memories till the day I die. Even now when I look back at the photos, I just laugh by myself. Next to my own family, I guess I consider them as my ‘next-in-line’ family members’ maybe?

Well, I just wave goodbye to 2007 and welcome 2008.

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