Sunday, 22 March 2009

Subak revisited

I had paid a visit again to Subak Restaurant with CaTz. This time I came prepared with my camera. The mission apart from enjoying the good food??? Take photos of the place. I must take pictures of this place to share with you.

Subak would be hosting the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Earth Hour Charity on the 28th March 2009 where you get to speedate with local stars. Too bad I'll be in Redang...haha. If you want to know more about this event, and how to contribute while having fun, Click here to find out about this event.
The Earth Hour team was having their meeting next to our table to discuss about the event. I was told that there were some celebrity DJ among them, but knowing me, I wont recognize them even if they were sitting next to me.This is a picture of my favourite drink there...Barbican...a very nice malt drink from an Arab country. Very refreshing. And the guy that introduced it to me.....

is non other than Farouk, my 'bro' since primary school who was always on hand to keep us company.

The highlight for the night was a multi talented performer, Pakcik Wan Azhar, age 61. He plays the keyboard and violin. I really like his selection of music, and when he plays the violin, you can feel his deep passion vibrating thru the strings. CaTz wanted to go back early coz she came straight from work, but upon hearing the man plays, we decided to wait till the end. My hat's off to the man....

Thursday, 12 March 2009

A 4-in-1 Celebration

Last weekend, we had a 4-in-1 birthday bash in Port Dickson. It was a last minute deal, hurriedly organized by CaTz, the key organizer. The birthday celebration was for Aishah 13, Ridhwaan 12, Imraan 9...and Kaz xx (malu lak nak bubuh). There were cupcakes (courtesy of Roza), Blueberry Cheesecake (the main cake with all the candles), various types of 'jajan', drinks etc etc....right down to the party hats.

Sy (Catz's sister), her hubby, her twin babies and maid also joined us there. The twins were an instant hit with me, or rather I was too engrossed in taking their photos. Hey, its seldom I get to meet twin babies...and they were so adorable. Snap, snap, snap...they must have been bored... hahaha.

The next morning, the birthday group went swimming...first in the sea, then moving over to the pool. We were one with nature, I guess...until I showed the kids the drainage outlet pouring out into the very sea we were swimming in. Ewwwww

Well, it was good fun for everyone, especially the birthday group. The kids learn a bit more about marine life (I was busy explaining things while they were busy collecting crabs and snails). However at the end of the trip, I made sure they release it all back.

Lastly, I am sure the twins finally felt at ease. They must be bored with this dude taking pictures of them, as evident by this picture....

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Fine Dining

Last night I paid a visit to a friend's family owned restaurant called Subak. The friend, Farouk, was my ex-SSP school mate and the place is managed by Azlan, his close friend, who happens to be my ex tuition mate. Surprise, surprise what a small world we live in.

It’s fairly new place, about 3 weeks old, but managed by a very experienced crew. The head honcho in the kitchen is an executive chef that used to work for 5 stars resorts before joining this I get to sample 5 stars food quality at 'normal' prices. The kitchen action is visible via glass case you want to learn how to cook from afar...haha.
The decoration was nicely done. It reminded us of the rice terrace over in Bali. They took the trouble of importing authenticated Bali furniture and fittings from Indonesia... right up to the colourful flags. The tranquillity of the place really sets the mood, with only the sound of crickets and frogs communicating in the background, amidst the pool of spring water. The right mixture of lights and candles, with soft jazz music, sets the ambiance to the place. The air was cool and breezy. Very nice.

When it was time to order, I went straight for something I had seen on their website, Lamb Shank. They recommended me Barbican, a malt drink originating from the Arab world, with different flavours to choose from. CaTz decided on Wantan Noodle Soup with Cafe Latte. Oh ya before all that, appetizer in the form of Gado-Gado. After all that, dessert...Es Teler.

What did I think of the food? It was superb. The portion sizes are just right. My lamb shank was so tender; I didn't have to use my knife much. Just using the fork was sufficient. And the taste? Mmmmm let's just say that my mouth is watering now just writing about it. Catz had nothing but praises for her food....and that's seldom seen or heard...haha.

I would certainly pay another visit very soon to this place to try out their pasta selection. Maybe this time I remember to bring my camera, coz the challenge to translate that entire comfy ambiance into pictures is just too tempting for me to resist. Most of all, I just want to chill with my good friend Farouk and catch up on old times.

For those of you who wants to know more about the place, visit their website at

Thursday, 5 March 2009

A year older

It was my birthday yesterday. How did I celebrated it? CaTz and I went to watch that movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was a nice movie, a bit far fetched, especially the ending when Benjamin ended up as a baby (now how you suppose that happened?), but a thought provoking movie. It dealt with life and death, and how your life flashes by at your death bed. To be honest, it didn't make me feel good about turning the big 4 zero as I started wondering how mine would be at my death bed. Oh ya btw, CaTz cried during the movie.

CaTz then took me out for a dinner treat, together with Aishah, her 'mini me', which included my favorite blueberry cheesecake with a candle on it. After dinner, surprise, surprise...I received a very nice present..something I really needed. Thanks darling.

So how does it feel turning into a different age group? Though I hate to admit it, but turning 40 makes me look at life... past, present and future in a different perspective. I used to remember classifying anyone above 40 as 'pakcik'. Now, one of these days, some one's gonna call me that. How time flies...when someone turns 40, time appears to travel very fast. Like whoosh... that moments gone.

But the good news is, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have so many friends who remembered my birthday and wished me, either via FB, SMS, phone calls etc, even those that I have not gotten in touch for a long time. Guess sometimes I get too carried away with 'worldly' matters until I forget about everything else. So now I am making it a point to try and 'reach out' more to my friends and family. Thanks to all of you who had wished me.

Thank you CaTz for taking the trouble to make it a special day for me. Life begins at 40 some may say? We'll see.....
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