Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Congratulations...and welcome to our world

I just got back from Tioman Island. Weather was good, viz was good...kind of makes up for the 1 hour wait for the ferry to start moving.

It was a good trip...well....any dive trip is a good trip for me. I had students with me, open water students. Land walking creatures converting themselves to aquanauts. The anticipation was high. The excitement was reflected in their eyes.

BEFORE 'conversion'

My hats off to the following students...oppss...I meant divers...Amanda Kay Zeltner, Ardy & Ryzah Hisham... who have crossed over and become part of the underwater community. They have done well and made my job easy.

A special mention also for my other student, Siew Lian, whom at the last moment could not join us for the trip as her grandma passed away (My condolences to her and family). She is small sized (the tank is ¾ of her) but has an enormous amount of determination to do the course.

A special mention for Nathan, Amanda’s significant other, who has been a driving force in setting the pace for her venture into the underwater world. All of us liked the couple as they are among the nicest ‘mat salleh’ couple we had ever met.

For the graduation dinner, I wore the nicest tshirt I had with me. The feeling is like a father giving away his daughter's hand for marriage. I saw them migrate from being the helpless students in the pool to being graceful divers in the sea, even at 18m. When I handed over their temporary diver’s certification cards, I could see the satisfaction in their eyes. As an educator, that’s the most satisfying reward for me and urges me on to continuously strive to be a better instructor. After all, that's what education is all about...continuous learning.

AFTER 'conversion'
(with the rest of the gang)

Again, congratulations.
P/S: Photos contributed by Lyn & Ryzah

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